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reiki healing in belleville ontario

Reiki Classes...

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Reiki I - Let the Journey Begin

This is wonderful course designed for those who have an interest or a curiosity about energy healing. Experience this gentle Japanese healing technique in a safe place.

This class has been modified to match the energy of the 5th Dimensional wave.

For level one, we will do a Meditation, you will be given the history of Reiki, learn how to self heal by way of laying on hands, and receive a level I attunement. You will learn how to change your cells memory, by ridding of old emotional scars by using the method that Quan Yin has channeled.

A Certificate will be issued.

Ask whatever you want to know about energy healing and I will do my best to answer,

REIKI II - Distant Healing

This level advances your energy level further.

After you have completed Reiki I, you will receive an attunement for Second Degree Reiki, which integrates further attunements to allow the practitioner to participate in absentee healing and to deal with mental and emotional healing. Through these energy transmissions your own energy is refined and your ability to channel energy is heightened.

The Reiki II course content includes teaching how to sending distance healing, clearing Auras. In addition, you will be shown methods for mental and emotional relaxation for yourself and clients. You will be initiated into the second degree and more of the symbols, language and ethics of Reiki will be explained.

For those are really curious, I will teach you how to see auras.

A certification will be awarded at completion of Level II.

REIKI III - The Advanced Healer

This level increases your energy level to an even higher level.

After completion of Reiki II, you will receive another attunement for the Reiki III Level.

This course is for the more serious healer who wants to work directly with the client. You will be shown and attuned to another symbol. You will learn how to work with the energy of crystals, draw out unwanted energy, working with the pendulum to help identify problematic areas, i.e. rotation of chakra or the emotional issues attached.


For those who want to teach Reiki. Here you will learn the technique of passing attunements, and shown one new symbol, the microcosmic orbit and opening the kundalini. The microcosmic orbit takes times to learn by practicing. Therefore you will need to come back to class to practice attunements.

In addition, we will be discussing ethics, importance of meditation, keeping your energy level high and ways to increase your vibration to better serve your students and clients.

This day is based all around Spirituality

reiki healing in belleville ontario