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reiki healing in belleville ontario

I always had a “knowing”...

Although I did not understand it, this “knowing” was my companion throughout my childhood and teenage years.

25 years ago, I met Debbie, a wonderful woman and medium -, We became fast and true friends. .

Her Chakra Meditation course changed my life forever. I came to understand what I “knew” all along.

My Path was to become an Energy healer. I completed the four levels of the “Non-Traditional” Reiki and the three levels of the “Ushi Traditional” Reiki Methods. I received attunements in the Karuna Method, I am now an “Advanced Reiki Master”.

Energy is ever evolving and so is my healing. I also channel the Godness energy of Quan Yin, here we clear your mental/emotional layers and when you are ready, we can work on changing your DNA, to clear the old energy of the root and sacral energy and to open and change your heart chakra to the energy of the clear quartz crystal.

However, I am merely a conduit for the universe’s loving and healing energy, assisted in the healings by my spirit guides and angels. I thank them for their abundance of love and blessings.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

reiki healing in belleville ontario